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Carmelo Di Giacomo, Spinning® Master Instructor | Italy

Posted on 24-7-2020 by Mad Dogg Athletics

Carmelo has many years of experience in the fitness industry. He discovered Spinning® 15 years ago, when he wanted to bring a new style of training to the fitness center he owned. After buying Spinner® bikes for his facility, he realized that he lacked qualified instructors who would teach his members how to get the most out of their workouts, so he himself became a Certified Spinning Instructor. He enjoyed teaching and training instructors so much that he went on to become a Master Instructor in order to have an even greater impact. His top priority is helping riders become aware of their objectives and discover the best ways to achieve them.Carmelo strongly believes that “Spinning has always shone a bright light in the health and fitness community.” When he meets people who are interested in becoming Certified Spinning Instructors he always encourages them to pursue that dream not simply for a job, but for the passion. He emphasizes that all of the Master Instructors that he’s met along his own path to becoming an MI have taught him something, and he is thankful to every one of them. Every time he is given an opportunity as an instructor, coach or presenter he works hard to transmit his passion for and love of Spinning.Carmelo has a degree in physical education from the University of Catania. As a soccer athlete, he became dedicated to fitness after finishing his degree and began to teach kinesiology. Since 1993, Carmelo has owned and operated a fitness center in his home town.

I have recently had an unfortunate problem with my back and have not been able to ride. I have been teaching off the bike, which has led me to modify my language and change my way of teaching. Through this I have come to realize that I am, above all else, a coach. It has turned out to be a fantastic experience because through this challenge I have improved my ability to train my riders through the Spinning language.

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