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Hua 'Chaya' Chai, Spinning® Master Instructor | China

Posted on 31-5-2021 by Mad Dogg Athletics

Chaya lives in Xian, and has worked for over a decade as a computer software engineer. She also works in Megafit Fitness Clubs as a trainer. She is an MI with a sunny smile! In her words, "Before I found Spinning, my world was fairly ordinary with commuting and work. I fell in love with Spinning and a new life began, full of color. My teachers, MI Stanley Wong and MI Luciana Marcial-Vincion made me more determined to learn. My colleagues from Master Instructor Camp and I continue to work hard for Spinning in China, rising to the challenges and using our friendship to bind our hearts together for success. I want to help everyone discover Spinning! Don't hesitate. Just do it. Spinning is not just a lesson, it will let you find yourself in life. Not only will you use very scientific and safe methods to help others train to achieve their goals, but you will awaken their hearts. Let all people who come into contact with this Spinning have happiness! My favorite phrase for you: Do your best!

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