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Lilly Uribazo, Spinning® Master Instructor | Florida, USA

Posted on 1-6-2021 by Mad Dogg Athletics

Originally from Venezuela, Lilly graduated from Veterinary School and moved to the United States as a single mom with her 5-year old son. She became a Certified Medical Sonographer in 1995, and in 2000 she started her mobile Veterinary Sonography business called DSU Vet Services, Inc. Lilly spends her days scanning small and exotic animals helping to diagnose complicated internal medicine and cardiac cases.

In 2010, Lilly received some devastating news: “I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Eleven months after the removal of more than 70% of my pancreas, I became a Certified Spinning® Instructor. I am living proof that if I can do this, anybody can. It starts with a positive attitude, the right fitness program and the strong belief that nothing is going to get in your way. Thanks to the Spinning® program I am happier, healthier and stronger than I was before my diagnosis. Who I am can be best summarized as a proud single mom, veterinarian, pancreatic cancer survivor and a Spinning® Instructor who motivates and inspires people every day with my story."

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