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María Renee Gálvez, Spinning® Master Instructor | Honduras

Posted on 1-6-2021 by Mad Dogg Athletics

María has been in the Spinning® family and fitness industry for almost 2 decades. She completed her university studies in architecture and also has a background in public relations. She is a professional translator and has taught English at both the basic and advanced levels. She has managed many health and fitness facilities, and is currently independent - dedicated to trainings, continuing education and special events for Spinning® in Honduras, as well as teaching Spinning® classes at the Country Spa Gym, an Official Spinning® Facility. Her other passions include horses - she's been an equestrian for over 20 years and holds a national championship. Her other favorite type of riding is on a motorcycle.

“I always look at the bright side of things; positivity and making others smile or laugh is very important to me. Becoming a Spinning® MI has been my heart’s desire ever since my first WSSC back in 2008. The adrenaline and the feeling of gratitude and service to help others is immeasurable.”

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