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András Farkas, Spinning® Master Instructor | Hungary

Posted on 18-4-2018 by Mad Dogg Athletics

András Farkas is a Spinning® Master Instructor and has Cycling Coach, Bodybuilding and Fitness sport instructor qualifications from the Semmelweis University as part of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences Training Institute. In addition, he has Yoga Instructor and Polar Cycling Ownzone™ qualifications as well as a degree in Computer Science from Gábor Dénes College. He is currently working as a Spinning® Instructor and at various studios in Budapest and around the capital city.  András has been in the international Spinning® team since 2004. Before he started to teach Spinning® he was competing in mountain bike marathons and road cycling racing. He has studied and trained with power meter based training theory (built on studies by Andrew Coggan and Hunter Allen). He is interested in heart rate variability as well as in training data processing and evaluating methods.

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