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Krzysztof Glab, Spinning® Master Instructor and Power Specialist Master Instructor | Malta

Posted on 24-3-2021 by Mad Dogg Athletics

Krzysztof is a certified Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer with a Master’s Degree in Finance & Banking. He is interested in several fields such as sports injuries, neuromuscular rehabilitation as well as a special interest in fascial work supporting the optimal movement of the body. He runs his own business on Gozo, Malta`s sister island.

Sport has always been a big part of his life. He loves group fitness as a way to exercise and be with like-minded people. He became a fitness instructor in 2010 with a goal to spread positive energy in his community. He ensures he always teaches classes that are well planned, inclusive, safe and effective. Teaching fitness classes puts him in his happy place, knowing that he is leading his students toward reaching their fitness goals.

He is passionate about photography, traveling and good food!

In 2016, he created the Spinning®? Power Zone Marathon event in Poland, and opened his own Spinning®? Facility in 2020. He is also the Education Coordinator for the Spinning®? Program in Malta. Krzysztof joined the Spinning® Master Instructor Team in 2021.

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