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Sarah Morelli, Spinning® Master Instructor and Power Specialist Master Instructor| England

Posted on 20-8-2020 by Mad Dogg Athletics

Sarah has been a Spinning® Master Instructor and presenter since 1999. She has more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and is currently the Education and Development Manager for Star Trac Europe.

Currently Education & Development Manager at Star Trac Europe, International Master Instructor for the Spinning® Program, Master Trainer for HumanSport® and Teacher Trainer for Peak Pilates® in addition to Biomechanics Coach™ and Tutor with Intelligent Training Systems with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Sarah formally managed a high end Central London Club and then progressed to develop a successful PT and Sports Performance Coaching company S2 Fitness in London’s Covent Garden utilizing Metabolic Testing and natural movement training and is now using her experience in the growth of partnerships with H2BikeRun and Salt Pilates, both based in Central London . Former UK EFBB Fitness Champion and IFBB Pro-Fitness Athlete following a strong sports background, she is working towards further development of Spinning®, Peak Pilates® and the incorporation of Intrinsic Biomechanics in all forms of fitness education.

Spinning® is all about helping people get fit and healthy and well. If you want to become a Spinning instructor, the goal is to become the best "you” you can be — So be yourself. Go to the Spinning Instructor Training and be open to the experience. Then you can pass that onto your students. Spinning has been going for many, many years now and it will go on for many, many more. And it will keep helping millions of people every day around the world.
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