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Certified spin instructor


Get certified, join SPIN®, advance your career, or access the wealth of Spinning® instructor resources and support. You’re in the right place if you want to begin or further your journey as a Certified Spinning® Instructor.



Spinning® Certification

"The education and knowledge that the Master instructors bring to the live workshops is what makes our Spinning® program so successful at Golds Gym of Islip."

J. Lissner

SPINPower® Certification

"The SPINPower® training clearly details the strengths of power technology, how to communicate the science and technology to riders, and how to create a class. Mad Dogg continues to rely on the rules of outdoor riding to create a safe and effective workout."

O. Ellis

Rockstar Online Certification

"I enjoyed the video learning. It made me feel like I was attending a live course from the comfort of my home. Also to be able to go back and rewatch the rides and other segments was helpful as well."

J. Guidry


Certified SPIN® instructor

Our certified SPIN® instructor training equips you with the knowledge to deliver results-driven cycling classes. We teach you all the techniques, so you can provide unique and personalized programs, get the best results, and retain more riders at your studio.

We offer the original Spinning® Instructor Certification, a specialty Spinning® certification, or the Spinning® Bridge program. You will achieve Level 1 instructor status after successful completion of any certification, and you’ll advance to Levels 2 and 3 with each subsequent certification.

Train to become a certified SPIN® instructor

The basic certification to become a certified SPIN® instructor is available as a live training as well as an online course. This program provides the practical knowledge and skills to become a cycling leader. You will learn how to find the best settings on the bike and ride with optimal technique for safety and performance

We also teach you how to understand and use metrics like heart rate, cadence and power. Also included in the course is how to deliver cues that motivate and coach riders to get results. You will learn how to lead a class using pre designed Spinning® class profiles, and create your own classes based on ride type or training goals. And part of the program covers how to choose songs and create playlists that complement the terrain, intensity and rhythm of your ride.

Still have questions concerning our classes or how to become a certified SPIN® instructor? Get in touch—we are here to help you!

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