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Spinner® Chrono™


The Most Accurate Power-Measurement System on the Market

The Chrono™ delivers the same authentic feel of a real road bike that studios, instructors and enthusiasts have come to expect from Spinner® bikes. With a magnet resistance system, the most accurate direct power-measurement system on the market today and a state-of the-art SPINPower® Computer Console, instructors and riders can track their true effort and guarantee real results.

The Spinner® Chrono™ sets a new standard in the industry with the latest innovation in magnetic resistance and power-based training. Just get on the bike and go to start seeing real fitness gains today!

Spinner® Chrono

Introducing the Spinner® Chrono™

The Spinner® Chrono™ breaks away from the pack of half-baked magnetic-ride indoor cycling bikes with a hassle-free experience for operators, state-of-the-art power meter technology for instructors, and a smooth and authentic feel for riders.

The Spinner® Chrono™ features the brightest console backlight in the industry that remains on even after the ride is over. It never needs new batteries or an outlet. The direct power measurement is the most accurate power-measurement system on the market today, so instructors can see riders’ true effort and guarantee real fitness results. While other bikes settle for an artificial and non-linear resistance load, the revolutionary, patent-pending magnetic resistance system on the Spinner® Chrono™ delivers a smooth operation and the feel of a real road bike.

We support the purchase of world-class Spinner® bikes with world-class Spinning® and SPINPower® education programs that turn instructors into expert coaches, and casual riders into lifelong members.

  • The most accurate measurement of performance in the industry
  • Stored training history with the Studio SPINPower® Computer
  • Maximized training time through eliminating guesswork
  • Biometric feedback that records riders' training results, empowering them to be their own coaches

The Feel of the Road

Spinning® has never wavered in its goal to deliver an authentic riding experience that feels like a real road bike. For our first ever mag bike, we stay true to that feel with a revolutionary, patent-pending brake caliper system that guarantees a smooth riding experience and linear resistance load. The cogged timing belt drivetrain also provides a greater connection to the flywheel and pedals.

Key Features

Direct Power Measurement

We raised the bar on accuracy and reliability by putting the strain gauge power sensor directly on the resistance system. The sensor is protected from sweat and moisture and is directly wired to the console to eliminate wireless pairing, so there is no need for batteries or manual calibration.

Linear Magnetic Resistance

The patent-pending resistance system delivers a smooth, linear increase with every turn of the knob, so there are no sudden jumps in resistance. The first-of-its-kind caliper design specifically accommodates the over-sized perimeter-weighted flywheel that delivers the iconic, authentic feel of a Spinner® bike.

Direct Power Measurement
Cogged Timing Belt

Cogged Timing Belt Drive

Every watt counts on the Spinner® Chrono™. It comes standard with a Kevlar®-reinforced, cogged timing belt for more efficient power transfer from the rider. It’s our lowest maintenance belt yet, and it comes with a 10-year warranty.

No Batteries to Replace

Say goodbye to batteries and plugs. The integrated electricity generator on the Spinner® Chrono™ drives the power measurement sensor and high visibility computer console, keeping it on for three minutes after the rider stops pedaling. This enables instructors and riders to easily review and download their performance data.

Aluminum Frame

The all-aluminum frame features rounded tubing to channel sweat and moisture away from the bike, so the Spinner® Chrono™ will work at its best for hundreds of thousands of classes. The stamped frame elements also shield and protect components while offering an eye-catching design.

Aluminum Frame
Integrated High-Visibility Computer Console

Integrated High-Visibility Computer Console

The state-of-the-art LCD color console features an ultra-bright backlight that is always on and never needs batteries. Designed to work seamlessly with SPINPower® programming, the simplified display metrics makes it quick to set up and easy to use.

Compatible with both Bluetooth™ and ANT+, the console can receive software updates via its USB port. The Active Status Light™ located on the back makes keeping track of maintenance a breeze.

Benefits to Your Members

The Spinner® Chrono™ enables your members to accurately and consistently track their workload, intensity, caloric expenditure (weight loss, energy in/out balance), RPM, distance traveled, and workout time. No other bike empowers instructors and riders to see real fitness gains like the Spinner® Chrono™.

“Member retention is based on results. Members want weight loss, they want fitness, they want to burn calories, they want to enjoy exercise, and they want a reason to keep coming back for more. This is why studios need SPINPower® and the Spinner® Chrono™.”

– Angie Sturtevant, Master Instructor and Senior Advisor for Spinning® and SPINPower® Programs

Benefits to Your Members
SpinPower® Certification

SPINPower® Program Certification

SPINPower® is the global leader for best-in-class power-based education and programming in the indoor cycling industry. Our innovation in power-based cycling education and power-meter technology delivers real, measurable results for you and your students.

With world-class education and equipment, SPINPower® drives results for students, so you can keep them engaged and retain their membership.

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