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Exercise bikes


Exercise bikes

An exercise bike can be a great addition to your home gym setup, and a convenient way to optimize your health and wellness. We have several options when it comes to choosing an exercise bike for home use, and you can find all our SPIN® bikes in our shop.

Find the best home exercise bike

Our home exercise bikes make it easy to enjoy a Spinning® class when it suits you. Our indoor exercise bikes were born on the road, raised in the studio and are now made for your home, so you get total convenience.

With our all-in-one app you also get a fully connected experience. You can use an exercise bike to ride with rockstar instructors and easily achieve your fitness goals. The app provides real-time metrics and post-workout performance data. With various sensors, you can connect a cadence sensor, heart rate monitor and power crank, and view your personal metrics during an exercise session.

We offer the best home exercise bike with an instructor that is always available. Because of our on-demand services, you can get the energy of studio classes straight to your living room. Plus, our Spinning® App is available across multiple platforms.


Exercise bikes for the gym or studio

We also offer several studio exercise bikes. It doesn’t matter if you are a high-profile fitness chain or a small gym, we have the right equipment for you to bring the best experience to your members. We have three options to choose from, the Spinner Pro®, the Spinner NXT® and the Spinner® Chrono.

The Spinner Pro® Spinning® bike is a classic. It’s designed to last and comes with all the functions of our other bikes. So why is this bike called Pro? Because it comes with our unique umbrella design to offer you longevity and precision resistance.

The Spinner NXT® exercise bike has a heavy-duty steel frame. It can withstand rigorous usage and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Plus, it offers a great degree of adjustability, comfort, durability, and performance.

The Spinner® Chrono Spinning® bike is the newest addition to our range of exercise bikes for the gym or studio, and it truly raises the bar for power bikes. With a strain gauge on the patented magnetic system, the Spinner® Chrono can provide a high-accuracy power measurement and self-powered color display.

The exercise bikes we provide at Spinning.eu are of the highest quality. What makes our bikes for the gym or studio different? They are specifically designed for a gym environment, which means they can withstand thousands of classes over several years. Our exercise bikes are the best choice for gyms who want to bring the Spinning® experience to their members.

Become a certified instructor

You can also become a certified instructor. In your SpinU eLearning dashboard you can access all of the courses you would like to follow. After successful completion, you can also download certificates from here.

If you’re already an instructor, why not join our global network of certified Spinning® Instructors? With an exercise bike, you can truly change the lives of people every day. You can get live training led by a master instructor, as well as live virtual training that brings the Master Instructor to your home via Zoom.

Do you have any questions about our exercise bikes? The Spinning® team is here to help, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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