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Home workout bikes


Home workout bikes

Turn your living room into your own fitness club with one of our home workout bikes. We have a great selection of high-quality Spinning® workout bikes for home, so you can improve your fitness whatever the weather. All of our bikes are top quality, and they’ve been designed to look as good as they feel.

Whether you’re training for an event, just trying to keep a regular riding schedule, or you simply prefer the safety of riding inside, a home workout bike is a great addition to your home gym. But which model should you get for the best home bike workout?

When it comes to Spinning®, our SPIN® bikes are the only exercise bikes you need. We’ve perfected the quality of our bikes over time, and offer different subscription options alongside a truly connected experience to help you reach your fitness goals.

From the home to the gym

Looking for workout bikes for your fitness studios? As well as home workout bikes we offer quality bikes for studios and gyms. Take a look at our dedicated studios page for everything you need to know about using our tried and tested SPIN® bikes in the studio.

Whether you need a home workout bike or a SPIN® bike for the studio, we can help. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

The Fusion Drive™ system is now available as an option on these commercial bike models.

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