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Indoor cycling


Indoor cycling

Whether you want to start indoor cycling or you’re already a trained cyclist, you’ve come to the right place. At Spinning.eu we offer everything you need, including advice for gym owners and sports instructors offering indoor cycling sessions, as well as equipment for total beginners wanting to start SPIN® classes.

Indoor cycling has gained popularity thanks to its great concept. Of course, cycling is about freedom, transport and getting outside. But these days with our professional Spinning® bikes and virtual training apps, cycling at home is far more entertaining than staring at a blank wall.

For a growing number of people, indoor cycling is becoming an integral part of their daily life. It is an easy way to squeeze in a great workout around working from home. In the winter it’s a great way to train your whole body without going outside.

Part of the rise in popularity of indoor cycling is due to the great equipment that is available. At Spinning.eu we have a wide variety of exercise bikes. You can view our various Spinning® bike models in home bikes and studio bikes.

Indoor cycling near me

Are you looking for SPIN® classes at a studio near you? It’s easy to locate an indoor cycling studio on our find a studio page. Once you’ve found a local studio you can book sessions and get a great workout. Plus, you can relax knowing you can workout safely. When riding outdoors, there is a danger of close passes with cars, but with indoor cycling you have no cars around so it’s a much safer way to exercise.

The Fusion Drive™ system is now available as an option on these commercial bike models.


Indoor cycling sport

Indoor racing is a hugely convenient way to get those competitive endorphins flowing. It is generally free of risk, free to enter, there are races that are organized online, none of them requires a race license, and you don't need to travel hours to get to the start.

When training for an event, it is important to have structure. When practicing indoor cycling with our SPIN® bikes every pedal stroke can be spent at the desired wattage for your chosen session. Training isn’t just about improving your physical fitness, though. It is a highly controlled environment that can be used to test equipment and strategy. If you have a goal event that you're training for, you can effectively use the time to practice your strategies.

Do you have any questions about indoor cycling? The Spinning team is here to help so do not hesitate to contact us.

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