Spinning® Inspiration Days

Spinning® Inspiration Days

Going back to your Spinning® classes after an intense period due to the global pandemic and taking the time and precautions to ensure we do the best job as a Spinning® Instructor, is just one way we can ensure we have a brighter future. We all had to take a step back, which now gives you the opportunity to approach your classes with a fresh perspective.

Everything you do builds upon everything you have already done. So the small changes and improvements you make today will make tomorrow easier and enable you to continue to grow and improve. We, therefore, would like to invite you to the Spinning® Inspiration Days - a Spinning® Conference at the European HQ of Mad Dogg Athletics in the Netherlands from 9-11 December 2022 .

Choose the option that fits your budget and travel schedule, by signing up per day. You can also order your lunch at the same period of time.

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Become a SPIN® Member for €99, and you'll get 15% off your Inspiration Days registration, a coupon for €25 which you can use on, free online course, and 50% off your certification renewal fee! Plus, you'll get a full year of discounts on Spinning® gear, apparel and education, free perks like Spinning® Digital Pro as well as monthly class profiles and playlists.

Learn more and join SPIN® before signing up!

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