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Belt Bikes


Advanced Belt-Drive Technology

The Spinner® bike family continues to grow with the new Fusion Drive™ belt system. Experience a smooth, silent and virtually maintenance-free ride with our advanced belt-drive technology. Fusion Drive™ integrates our exclusive perimeter-weighted flywheel, Poly-V Isoprene belt and force-sensing tensioner that meets our high standards of an authentic Spinning® ride.

Silent. Smooth. Reliable.

Built by the finest engineers in the industry, Fusion Drive™ not only offers the world's best belt-drive riding experience, but also the most reliable; virtually no maintenance or adjustments are required for the belt. For over 20 years, Spinning® has set the standard for creating industrial-strength bikes that can withstand the most demanding of studio and club environments.

The Fusion Drive™ system is now available as an option on these commercial bike models.


Born from the Road

Our family of Spinner® bikes were born from the road and engineered to match the geometry of a real road bike. The fixed-gear and weighted flywheel create the inertia and resistance to replicate the feel of the road, enabling the rider to have a smooth, fluid pedal stroke through the course of the ride. No other bike comes close to matching the real road cycling geometry of the Spinner line of bikes.

Spinner® Ride Belt

Witness tradition redefined with our high-quality Spinner® Ride. This commercial stationary bike comes with the same proven ergonomics and functions as our other commercial Spinner® bikes. The Spinner® Ride is a great option for facilities just entering the market, offering 10 or fewer classes a week.

Drive Options: Chain-drive and belt-drive.

Pedal Options: Trio® and Trio QR® pedal options available for multiple shoe/cleat options.


Spinner® Shift Belt

The classic Spinner® model, the Spinner Shift is built to be a workhorse for your facility. With the same heavier steel frame and adjustment options as the Spinner Rally, this commercial exercise bike is a great choice for facilities with 10 or more classes per week seeking to offer superior indoor cycling classes and rides.

Drive Options: Chain-drive and belt-drive.

Pedal Options: Trio® and Trio QR® pedal options

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