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How to Clean Your Spin® Bike

How to Clean Your Spin® Bike
Posted on 14-5-2024 by Mad Dogg Athletics

Do you ever judge how good a Spinning® workout was by the amount of sweat left behind? You feel great when you’re drenched after a ride, and maybe you even post your achievement with a #sweatyselfie. Or you’re an instructor or studio owner who takes pride in the puddles under the bikes. We get it! A good sweat is one of the reasons we all love Spinning®. It’s validation that we worked hard and checked off another satisfying workout. But it’s also salty, and salt can cause corrosion. Bummer.

But here’s the good news: cleaning bikes is easy, and it will help ensure that they look great and ride beautifully for years to come.

The key is that it’s essential to clean bikes the right way. As Josh Taylor puts it, you’ll get the max life and beauty out of your bike if you treat it much like your car! Follow these three simple steps below and watch this video with Josh for more details and a demonstration.

1. Wipe down the bike after every ride.

Don’t let moisture sit on the bike, whether it’s sweat or disinfectant. When using a spray bottle, spray a cloth, not the bike directly.

2. Do a thorough cleaning periodically.

If your bikes are in a gym or studio with several classes per day, weekly cleaning is recommended. For home riders, it’s less frequent. Use a non-abrasive cleaning product that won’t damage the finish. Car washing products are great because they’re made to be safe on paint and plastic. This is important, not just for protecting your bike’s beauty and shine, but also for preventing corrosion. And when you clean, you’ll want to wipe down the entire bike – frame, handlebars, crank arms, chain guard, flywheel, under the bike...you name it.

3. Apply a protectant after cleaning.

You can apply car wax or a bike frame polish to the painted portion of the bike after cleaning to create a great shine and help sweat run off the frame. This ensures that you keep the bike protected and it’ll also extend the life of your bike.

And if you’re at all like Josh, you might even enjoy this process of cleaning your racing machine!

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