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Spinning® = Fitness for Everyone

Posted on 27-8-2021 by Mad Dogg Athletics

Whether you’re a Spinning® student or instructor, an elite athlete training for an event or getting back into shape after a few sedentary years – we want you to know you have a place within the Spinning ® community.

Just ask Iain McKendry , who has Cerebral Palsy, and Matthew Alexander , who is Autistic, about their individual journeys from passionate students to first-rate Spinning ® instructors. Their Spinning® experiences reveal it better than we could say ourselves – there is a place for everyone on the Spinner® bike. Even if you are “differently-abled,” as Matthew has sagely re-coined “disabled.”

So sit back, get comfortable, and watch Spinning® Senior Advisor Luciana Marcial-Vincion converse with Iain and Matthew about how their passion for Spinning ® was born from their yearning to stay fit despite disabilities – AND what it reveals about the innate nature of Spinning ® in general…

People of all backgrounds come to Spinning® with a drive to achieve greater health and well-being – and those people are a diverse lot with different circumstances, challenges, and goals. And yet, all are welcome to Spinning ® to achieve greater health, joy, inner peace, and fellowship on the bike. It goes without saying that we wholeheartedly welcome you to Spinning ® too. 

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