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Official Spinning® Facilities are where Spinning comes to life. From quick post-work training sessions to epic charity rides, facilities provide the environment and atmosphere in which we deliver Spinning every day around the globe. Whether you’re a high-profile fitness chain or a small boutique studio with a limited budget, the Spinning Program is ready to bring the best indoor cycling experience to your members.

Become an Official Spinning® Facility

Whatever your size or budget, our commitment to you is the same—delivering an abundance of resources, including instructor training, state-of-the-art bikes, exemplary customer service and marketing support. We provide you with the tools you need to attract and retain members, decrease maintenance costs, and increase revenue while keeping your facility fresh and your members engaged.



Spinner® Bikes

Spinner® bikes are built for the road ahead. Designed with a perfect balance of form and function with sleek lines and easy adjustments, our Spinner bikes are simple to maintain so you can focus more of your time with your members. Choose from the Spinner commercial line of bikes to fit your vision and budget.

SPINPower® Program

The SPINPower® program is revolutionary, power-based training. Backed by an exclusive power-based training program from SPINPower® Program Director and Power Specialist Master Instructor Angie Sturtevant, this is your opportunity to be a part of the next movement in indoor cycling.



Prepare for the Journey Ahead

Get exclusive access to Spinning® program resources, including a dedicated facility relationship manager, marketing support, promotional materials, a complimentary online listing and free Spinning class passes so you will efficiently build up your Spinning classes.

Host a Training

As an Official Spinning® Facility, you can host a Spinning Instructor Certification and continuing education workshops for instructors in your community. Keep instructors sharp, motivated and up to date with continuing education and also recruit new instructors.



Spinning® Catalog

With this year’s catalog, we want to ask a basic question: Why Spinning? The answer to that question lies in our singular focus to deliver the best indoor cycling experience to millions of riders worldwide.

Spinning® Facility FAQ

Have more questions? Visit Spinning® Facility FAQ and learn how to become an Official Spinning Facility and offer the Spinning program.


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