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Gina Resina, Spinning® Master Instructor | New Jersey, USA

Posted on 31-5-2021 by Mad Dogg Athletics

Gina Resina Master Instructor USAStarting as a Spinning® enthusiast, Gina Resina was searching for a more intense cardio workout than the repetitive motion of 60 minutes on a treadmill. In Spinning® classes, she was able to “ride at her own ability for every single ride, good days or not, and riding with the camaraderie of the group” led her to pursue the dream and later the privilege of becoming a Spinning® Master Instructor. What Gina loves about each Spinning® class is that “no two classes are alike, even when repeating a profile; it may be to a different audience, or at a different club, or at a different time. It's great to see the rider's reaction to how much they can accomplish in just one class, then to see how much they can improve over time.” After taking Spinning® classes and considering becoming an instructor herself, what drove her to become a Certified Spinning® Instructor and later a Master Instructor was the reaction a current instructor gave to her, telling her she didn’t have what it takes to become an instructor. Guided by former Master Instructor, Sherri Crilly, Gina gained the confidence she needed. As a challenge to the instructor not believing in Gina, she became a Certified Spinning Instructor and in 2011, she became a Master Instructor proving that the greatest pleasure in life is doing what others tell you that you can't do. Gina is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, SPINPower® Specialist and Resist-A-Ball® Instructor. She teaches at Vive Fitness and Meridian Life Fitness in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. Since becoming a Spinning® Master Instructor, Gina has led trainings in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Iowa Falls and the greater New York Metropolitan area.For enthusiasts who want to become instructors, Gina's best advice is to “reflect on what brought them to the Spinning® Program, remember their enthusiasm and progress with it. And to spread that passion to others. It is absolutely something that anyone can do!”

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