Liat Unger, Spinning® Master Instructor | Israel

Geplaatst op 21-3-2018 door Mad Dogg Athletics

Liat has a Masters Degree in Physical Education from Wingate College in Israel and has completed her thesis entitled: The Contribution of Aerobic Exercise and Balance to Improving Cognitive Dysfunction in Elderly Individuals. She has worked in the fitness industry since 2003 and owns several fitness facilities and boutique gyms including Spinning®, aerobics, Pilates and yoga studios, employing and educating dozens of instructors. She also serves as the director of Sports Certification Studies at Ono Academy College. With a background as a military photographer and television video editor, she has also been a frequent fitness presenter on the Israeli Television Morning Show, in addition to creating her own television fitness program. An area of focus for Liat has been developing and running health activity programs for seniors and for teens. She is also triathlete.

Liat is the Spinning® Education Representative in Israel, growing the brand through education and events. 

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