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Official Spinning® Facility Marketing Support

When you become an Official Spinning® Facility, you'll get the tools and support you need to help keep your classes full. With Spinning marketing support, you are tapping into the collective experience gleaned from 20 years of building top-of-the-line bikes and educational programs.

Flyers and Forms Templates

Need to design and send a postcard, create a flyer or class schedule? Get access to pre-designed templates that are ready for your use. Creating personalized Spinning®-branded collateral takes seconds and the file is saved for use or modification in your online account. Download the file and send it to the printer in minutes.



Image Library

You know how important the right motivational image is on your website, advertisement or mailer. We make it easy on you to find just the right Spinning® image to get people excited about your program. Our image library is made available to Official Spinning Facilities for instant download—so what are you waiting for?


Did you know that Spinning® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and many countries around the world? The Spinning brand represents the highest quality bikes, education and equipment available for indoor cycling, but sometimes it's hard to know the right way to talk about the Spinning program. Our Guidelines for Trademark Use will give you clear guidance on how Official Spinning Facilities can get the most out of using the Spinning trademarks.



Promo Items

Do you want to have a sale, promotion or event at your Official Spinning Facility and need some extra incentive to get people excited? Our promotional items are perfect, low-cost, and high quality, and our broad selection means there is something for everyone. Water bottles, T-shirts, towels, hats, key chains and more are available, and the inventory is constantly changing.

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