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Heart Rate Training Zones in the Spinning® App

Heart Rate Training Zones in the Spinning® App
Posted on 12-9-2022 by Mad Dogg Athletics

With a Spinning® Plus Subscription in the Spinning® app, you can pair your heart rate monitor and see your real-time heart rate zones throughout your ride. The app will also display your heart rate in beats per minute (BPM) but what’s really key is knowing what that heart rate represents for YOU. How high or low is your heart rate relative to your max? The Spinning® app takes all the math and guesswork out of the picture and shows you your % of max heart rate and your heart rate zone so you can train to the right intensity level and recover appropriately between efforts.

How does it work?

When you create a profile for the Spinning® app your age-predicted max heart rate will be calculated with the formula 208 - (.7 x age). You can accept this number or you can revise it if you know that it should be higher or lower. Simply click on Enter Custom Max Heart Rate and adjust the number.

You can edit this number at any time, so if you’re not sure what your max heart rate is, we recommend starting out with the age-predicted number. As you ride and observe your heart rate zones, take note of how those zones feel.

Zone 1 should feel easy.

Zone 2 is moderate to hard, but still aerobic and you could keep it up for a long time.

Zone 3 isharder and gets into anaerobic work at the higher end. It’s 80-85% of your max heart rate.

Zone 4 is extremely hard, and it’s where you’ll be for short, high intensity efforts.

Zone 5 is maximal effort, and you’ll rarely be there.

So if the app is showing that you’re above 85% MHR, yet you feel like you’re still in an aerobic or threshold zone, and can keep it up for a long duration, then your max heart rate is higher than your age-predicted number. That’s when you want to go into your profile and edit your max heart rate.

For more information on Zone training read Zone Training for Results

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