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The Magic of WSX Miami

The Magic of WSX Miami
Posted on 1-5-2023 by Mad Dogg Athletics

The World Spinning® Experience returns to Miami this September, and it promises to live up to the hype! It will be a comeback celebration that embraces being together as a community of instructors, Master Instructors, studio owners, and all who love the Spinning® program. 

You may be wondering what it’s like to attend WSX. Beyond taking workshops, riding with Master Instructors and earning CECs, just what is it that makes this event so special? Let us take you through a glimpse of the highlights and magic, and show you why there's nothing like our Spinning® community coming together from all corners of the globe in an exciting, cosmopolitan city. 

Picture yourself in Miami on Thursday afternoon, arriving at the gorgeous, waterfront InterContinental Hotel and checking into your luxurious room. You’re finally here and feeling butterflies of excitement as you make your way to the WSX Registration Desk where you receive your badge, T-shirt and welcome bag.  

Later that evening, a crowd gathers on the Mezzanine for the WSX welcome reception--a cocktail party meets family reunion (the best kind). Bear hugs, huge smiles, music, introductions...and above all else, a heartfelt Welcome (with a capital “W”) from the Mad Dogg team, including the CEO and founder, and the leaders of the Spinning® Master Instructor Team.  

On Friday morning you wake up, throw back the curtains, and take in the gorgeous turquoise water of Biscayne Bay before heading out to your first session. As you step out of the elevator, the Mezzanine is buzzing with excitement. The first rides, workshops, workouts and lectures are about to begin. Someone in a WSX Staff T-shirt points you to the ballroom you’re looking for, and you realize that even the Staff is just as excited as you are to be there. 

Your first two sessions are with Master Instructors who have traveled from Europe and Latin America, and you’re hooked on each one’s unique style of teaching and the “international flavor” that you’ve never before experienced.  

During the lunch break you indulge in your other passion – shopping! The WSX store is filled with a brand-new line of Spinning® apparel and accessories—gifts for yourself and to bring back home as souvenirs.  

On Friday evening you line up at the Grand Ballroom entrance for Anthem—A Welcome Ride. This will be your first time riding with Luciana, Josh and Rodrigo, but you can tell from the buzz of excitement from the “vets” that this trio will not disappoint. As soon as the ride begins, you instantly understand why these MIs have the reputation they do, and at the same time you realize that THEY are making YOU feel like the special one in the room. 

On Saturday morning you step outside for a short walk to take in the cool air and gorgeous ocean views. Then you swing by the onsite Starbucks for coffee, and you run into a dozen people you know…just from being here for a day and a half. You and a few others share ideas about what sessions to go to next. Your schedules are booked, but making changes through the app is so easy. You decide to start out with a Spinning® tech lecture, then yoga, and then a popular ride with a description that’s all about the emotional connection you love about Spinning®.     

By Saturday afternoon you know your way around, and you’re easily zipping between Chopin, Balmoral, and Trianon ballrooms as you wave to new friends, volunteers and MIs in the hallways. You’re reflecting on all the sessions you’ve taken so far, so grateful for what you’ve learned and how you feel. The photos on your phone tell a story and remind you of all the little moments that make this experience rich and unforgettable. Moments like:  

  • Feeling the grass on your bare feet when you and three new friends had lunch outside at Bayside Park. 
  • The “aha” moment in a workshop when the Master Instructor inspired you to tap into a deeper part of your authentic instructor 
  • The rides where hundreds of white towels are whirling in the air, the expression of pure joy.
  • Goosebumps for reasons you can’t describe in words.
  • Golden hour out at the pool when the light looks as beautiful as the tropical Miami air feels.

And with all of these moments already captured, you know that there is still one very big highlight that lies ahead: The DREAM Ride with Josh Taylor. When you find yourself in the ballroom on your bike with 300 others all wearing DREAM Ride shirts, your excitement builds. Somehow, after two full days, you have more than enough energy to put your heart and soul into this ride. You’re uplifted by the crowd, lights, music, visuals on the screen, and the totality of the experience that’s led by Josh.  

After a quick shower and change you meet up with everyone (it really does seem like EVERYONE) down in the lobby. MIs, attendees, volunteers, MDA staff...everyone is gathering...dressed and sun-kissed and glowing with energy as if it were the first day, and not a full 48 hours later. It’s time for a night out. South Beach, here we come! 

On Sunday afternoon in the moments before the Finale Celebration Ride begins, you’re on your bike with hundreds of others. The MIs are on stage, and the room is electric. You want to capture the moment and you take out your phone, but you know there’s something visceral the video can’t quite capture. You hold onto that feeling, absorbing it all, at the same time wanting the ride to begin, but not wanting any of this to end.   

And at that moment you know--the World Spinning® Experience is magic in a way you couldn’t have known without being here!

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